Down Through England



Fountains Abbey




Warwick Castle




Salisbury Cathedral



4 thoughts on “Down Through England

  1. I LOVE this. Ya’ll truly are the most precious little family 🙂 This makes me so happy.
    Things that tickled me:

    Ambrose covering his eyes in that beautiful Cathedral
    The great lines in the shot of him in this stroller under all the archways
    Stonehenge will forever remind me of the news of baby 🙂
    The close up shot of all three of you in the midst of such fun
    That strip of stores, the one with Lily Shambles, (which is a GREAT name) reminds me of Diagon Alley.

  2. Beautiful little family. Beautiful photos.

    I manage ‘my’ grey by reading your blogs. Just read all of them again. Makes me feel all warm inside.

  3. Why does this place have so much of my heart? Thank you thank you for showing it for all its mythic beauty like God made it. Your gorgeous gorgeous little family in that beautiful mother country.

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