Blebo Craigs is our new town. (Isn’t the name delightfully ticklish? Be sure you say it out loud.) Blebo is a tiny village of sixty houses spread over the side of a hill. It’s made of low stone walls and tidy gardens. The fields in between the stone houses are filled with sheep or wheat or woods. The people often go walking in the woods. They know the names of each other’s dogs and they have tea in each other’s houses. Things are not severely ordered here: the roads are not labeled and the houses don’t have numbers;  instead, each house has a name: ‘Nethermil,’ ‘Loanhead Cottage,’ ‘The Lea Rig.’  A hobbit would look on Blebo and deem it proper and good, in every hobbit-sense of those words.

It’s quiet out here. The air is quiet and the dried roses left on their summer stalks are quiet. I move about the house and feel the quiet as I fold laundry and shelve books.

Everything real and earthy is here. Wind and crops and stone and sky. There are paths on which to set my feet, and a hot kettle to call them home.

To state the simple fact: I like it here.


6 thoughts on “Here

  1. Oh my goodness, I feel it. I loved your description, and when you said, “A hobbit would look on Blebo and deem it proper and good, in every hobbit-sense of those words,” I beamed and nodded vigorously because that is exactly the feel I had. And then the PICTURES … I long to see it in person. Such wonder and Northernness. (I loved Ambrose with the horse — his smiling face!)

  2. I just love that I keep scrolling and more pictures come. I love all the pictures; don’t ever think you’re putting too many, k? I love love the round red roses, and there are the blackberries and there are the rose hips that we saw.

  3. It looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing. It must be so different to live away from the city in Scotland. We thought about doing it when we lived in Glasgow and it felt a little scary to think about being so far away from the comforts of the hustle and bustle of all the people in a foreign country. I am so glad you love it!

    • Have you visited St. Andrews yet? I feel like even if we had lived there it would have felt like we were living in the countryside anyway — it’s so tiny! Having only lived in a Scottish city (Aberdeen, almost as big as Glasgow and Edinburgh,) we knew it was going to be a change in lifestyle one way or the other. Tyler and I are both introverts, though…. we really like the quiet out here. 🙂

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