A Bold Stroke of Orange

Baby food made a dramatic entrance into our household today. It was homemade from a sweet potato, and was the color of sun that had been left alone in a closet for some years and had aged like fine wine, bold and brilliant.

It might have been a bit too bold for sweet Ambrose. He held his face in a concerned expression from the first bite onward, until it was over, as though he were worried this strange stuff might bite him back.

Little new things, like sweet potatoes, are grand adventures with a baby. They require courage in the face of the unknown.



The next day he ate his sweet potato like a champ! Swallowed everything that made it into his mouth and then opened wide for more. Bold and unconcerned.


4 thoughts on “A Bold Stroke of Orange

  1. He looks so concerned in those first shots, and so triumphant in the last! It’s amazing to see him experiencing for the first time things we take so for granted. Like eating solid food. Babies!!!

  2. This is just delightful! He does look so WORRIED. It’s so weird because we expect we’re going to make their day when we finally let them have FOOD, but they’re NEVER as excited as we! I love the theme of ORANGE, in the words and in the pictures … makes me happy. And Jessie, he’s such a full, all-out BABY. He’s soft and ROUND looking. SO CUTE!!!

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