The Street Where We Live

Our street is a road to the sky. Turning onto it, it curves up in front of me and rounds into the clouds, a swift staircase into blue. Seagulls spin just beyond that curve, and I know the sea is oh so close. If I were to sprint fast enough, I’m sure I could take off in flight at the street’s crest and go soaring over the waves with the gulls.

Instead I haul myself up the hill pushing in front of me a pram full of baby, breathlessly reaching my door and fumbling  for my key.

This morning the view up the street to the curve was shining with the 8:15 sunrise. It’s an exotic view for an American girl — stout European cars lining the wet stone sidewalk and granite flats standing dignified and together with their stovetop chimneys framing the scene. I snapped a picture of it after I put Baby down for his morning nap.

Welcome to our life in the UK.

My aim in this blog is to give you bits and glimpses of our life here as we paint glory in a wash all over the grey city of Aberdeen Scotland.


3 thoughts on “The Street Where We Live

  1. I’m so excited to be following your blog, Jessie! I love you and miss you so much more now that you’re on a different continent. But I’m looking forward to hearing about your life across the pond. 🙂

  2. How exciting to live in Scotland! I love the way you paint for us your street. One of my goals is to one day visit Scotland and Ireland and find places of history in our family. I look forward to keeping up with your blog.

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